Raphael Tanios is a visual artist working in Luxembourg (a small landlocked country in the middle of the world map).

He likes to create and to find new raffish approaches for his drawings, paintings, digital art, photography, sculptures and poetry. He also does video-editing and commissions for various purposes.

Raphael also likes to help people of all ages find their own creative way. That's one of the reasons why he works with Diane Demanet in the art collective "Pierre Papier Crayon". They do workshops, intercultural events and cultural projects.

He has a master's degree or even two in plastic, spacial and visual art. He wrote his master's paper on the relationship between game/play and art/creation. It's a bundle of pages on Homo Sapiens, Homo Ludens and Homo Faber (some ancestors he relates to in a way).

Raphael has a playful approach to art, where he invents and breaks rules. He doesn't take himself or art very seriously. Once he created machines to draw for him and even got an award for those drawings. I would call that cheating...

Nevertheless, there are a lot of subjects that he takes very seriously, like humanity, equity, equality, planet earth and humor.

If you still want to know more, take a look at his work or contact him directly.

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